Olivia Rebecca Waggoner Memorial Endowment

Sometimes in our lives, events take place that we have a hard time explaining or even understanding. Such an event took place on the evening of September 10, 2005. Tiny Olivia Rebecca Waggoner passed away unexpectedly as a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Born on July 22, 2005, Olivia was only 7 weeks old when she fell victim to SIDS. She was a beautiful, healthy little girl that touched the hearts of all of those around her. She was a joy to her parents, Jeff Waggoner and Brenda Wilhelm-Waggoner, and her big brother, Eli.

Although Olivia’s time here on earth was short, her parents, Jeff and Brenda, want her spirit to live on forever. With memorial contributions made for Olivia, they have established the Olivia Rebecca Waggoner Memorial Endowment Fund in the Franklin County Community Foundation in 2005. Primary consideration for the fund is used to assist families with financial needs in covering funeral expenses resulting from the death of a dependent child. Secondary consideration will be given to the Pregnancy Help Center of Brookville and Healthy Families through Achieva. Olivia’s family takes comfort in knowing that out of their sorrow, others will be helped.

As a tribute to their “angel”, Jeff and Brenda have developed a website. Visit www.rememberolivia.com to read of upcoming events to benefit the Olivia Rebecca Waggoner Memorial Endowment fund, information on SIDS awareness, and also other charitable community events in which to participate.

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