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Whitewater Canal Trail Endowment

Whitewater Canal Trail

Whitewater Canal Trail, Inc. (WCT) has established an endowment for the creation or improvement of scenic trails, blue ways and greenways in the Whitewater Valley. Endowment funds will be administered by the Franklin County Community Foundation (FCCF), and are intended to help protect and preserve the natural waterways, trails and scenic roadways of the Whitewater Valley in Ind.

WCT began at the turn of the century and is a grassroots effort to preserve and develop the historic canal boat/railroad corridor of the Whitewater Valley in southeast Ind. for recreational and educational use. Building on previous efforts, WCT has been successful in attracting strong support on local, state and federal levels. Two sections of a bicycling and hiking trail between the towns of Metamora and Brookville are now open to the public and a state grant has been awarded to connect the two.

Developing sustainable funding streams is essential in preserving this lovely valley. Continued local support is an integral part of the mix. Volunteers provide a variety of functions. Trail stewards provide regular inspections and reports. Work crews perform tasks such as weeding, planting, trimming and mowing. More information is available at

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Cultivating Donor Development Endowment

An anonymous donor established this endowment in the Franklin County Community Foundation to support the operations of the Foundation in the creation and cultivation of