Establish a Fund

Establishing an endowment fund is easy  It is a simple way to honor or memorialize an individual or organization forever.

Keep these things in mind:

• The donor must provide the name and purpose of the fund.
• The fund must have a minimum contribution of $1000 and the balance must  grow to $5000 from additional contributions within 5 years. 
• Contributions to the fund will be pooled with other FCCF endowments and invested. 
• It is our goal to grant only the income from the fund and leave the principal intact.

The most popular types of endowments are:

Designated Grant Fund

This fund will grant to the designated charitable purpose annually.

Discretionary Scholarship Fund

This fund will grant an annual scholarship to students who meet the qualifications.

Donor Advised Fund

This type of fund is attractive for those who want to choose who the grant is awarded to each year.