FCN Bank – William F. Hillman Scholarship

The William F. Hillman Scholarship was established in 2007 by Dr. Randall W. Listerman. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide college tuition assistance to eligible children of parents employed by Franklin County National Bank. The student must be entering their junior year of college.

Mr. Hillman joined FCN Bank on January 14, 1941 as a bookkeeper. On March 23, 1943, Mr. Hillman requested and was granted a “leave of absence to enter service to his country in World War II”. He returned from his tour of war duty in September 1946 and resumed his position at the bank. In 1949, Mr. Hillman was promoted to Assistant Cashier. Subsequently, he left his bank job to open Hillman’s Ford and Mercury Dealership in Brookville.

However, He returned to serve FCN Bank as Director on January 1, 1975. He served in this capacity until December 31, 1990 when he retired as Director Emeritus. He continued to serve as Treasurer of the Franklin County Housing Advisory Corporation for many years.

Mr. Hillman’s good humor, optimism and loyalty to his family, bank, community and country are greatly appreciated by all citizens of Franklin County. He is a true role model for today’s students and our younger generation.

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