Lloyd R. Ratz Handicap Endowment

Tom Cooney and Tom Glen of the Independent Living Center operate a portable ramp. The Lloyd R. Ratz Handicap Endowment helped purchase the ramps.

Franklin County is a land vast of hills, valleys and slab crossings. Navigating these areas can be challenging for wheelchair-bound residents. The Lloyd Ratz Handicap Endowment provided a grant to the Independent Living Center for portable ramps.

The Independent Living Center was built to encourage people with various types of disabilities to have more control over their lives and seek more independence. The living center used the grant to purchase three portable ramps. The ramps are designed to bridge different types of step areas to allow people to roam around freely. The ramps are stored in Franklin County for use by citizens.

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Cultivating Donor Development Endowment

An anonymous donor established this endowment in the Franklin County Community Foundation to support the operations of the Foundation in the creation and cultivation of