Brookville Foundation Endowment for Community Projects

During their 2014 grant cycle, the Board of Directors of the Brookville Foundation awarded a grant of $10,000 to the Franklin County Community Foundation (FCCF) to be used to establish the Brookville Foundation Endowment for Community Projects with the Franklin County Community Foundation. The grant from the Brookville Foundation will be matched $1 for $1 with funding provided to the FCCF from the Lilly GIFT VI initiative. When income is available from the endowment for granting, it will be used to provide funding to applicants for community grants through the FCCF’s grants program.

The Brookville Foundation, a private foundation, was founded in 1956 by James P. Mullin with an initial contribution from the Jay Garment Company of $1,000. Mr. Mullin was a member of the Brookville Foundation for 36 years, serving 16 years as President. He retired from their Board of Directors in 1993. Along with Mr. Mullin, charter members of the Board of Directors included Donald Russell, Robert Ariens, Virgil Davis, Leslie Clevenger, and Fred Hobbs. Many other members of the community have served on the Board through the years. Current board members are Don Jobe, President, Arthur Hildebrand, Lowell McMillin, Martha Shea, Brad Tebbe and Kim Simonson.

Several local banks serve as Trustee Banks for the Brookville Foundation. Each bank receives donations, estate funds or other property to be distributed for charitable purposes that promote the welfare of persons residing in Franklin County. Since its inception, the Brookville Foundation has given assistance to many county agencies to provide projects and programs for both youth and adults in the community.

The mission of the Franklin County Community Foundation is to “connect donors and community projects to promote an enriched future for all citizens of Franklin County”. Establishment of the Brookville Foundation Endowment for Community Projects aligns well with the goals of both organizations.

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