Aloys “Butch” & Cathy Knecht Youth Group Endowment

Butch Knecht is a lifetime member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church. His wife, Cathy, has been a member since they were married in 1981. Prior to that, she was a member of St. Joseph parish in St. Leon, Indiana.

The Knecht’s have always had an interest in youth programs, especially in their church community. For many years, they hosted New Year’s Eve dances in St. Peter’s to benefit the parish youth group. Butch and Cathy commented that if you get the youth involved in church and community service activities when they are young, they will be more likely to get involved when they are adults.

The couple has established the Aloys “Butch” & Cathy Knecht Youth Group Endowment in the Franklin County Community Foundation. The fund will provide support for costs related to field trips, retreats, programs or activities for the youth group and youth ministry programs at St. Peter’s Catholic Church and St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

With these added resources, Butch and Cathy truly hope that the youth of St. Peter’s and St. Michael’s will continue to do good things for their parishes, grow more spiritually and help others when in need.

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