Jim & Mary Lou Hughes Scholarship

Mary Lou Hughes was a 1961 graduate from Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis. Jim Hughes graduated from Brookville High School in 1962. After their graduations, they both made the decision to attend Ball State University to pursue teaching degrees. It was at Ball State that Jim and Mary Lou first met. They were married July 27, 1968. The couple went on to have 4 children: Scott, Greg, Amy and Melissa.

Jim graduated from Ball State in June 1966. He began teaching Biology and Driver Education at Brookville High School that same year. He eventually earned a Master of Science in Biology. Jim coached baseball for 32 years, golf for 17 years, cross country and boys’ and girls’ basketball. He operated the football scoreboard for around 30 years. He was also sponsor of Key Club for 43 years. Jim was elected to the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003. In 2015, he was elected to the Franklin County High School Athletic Hall of Fame as well.

Mary Lou graduated from Ball State University in November 1966 after student teaching in the fall. She taught Spanish at Batesville High School from January 1967 through June 1968. She taught German and 7th grade English from 1968 until 1971. She went on to earn a Master of Arts in Education in German and English and a Master of Arts in Precounseling Psychology. She was a School Counselor from 1985 until 2010.

Jim and Mary Lou were both the first to graduate from college in their families. They enjoyed working with teenagers and watching them grow as they went through school. They recognized that students come from many different backgrounds and they did their best to be supportive as students navigated the sometimes-turbulent waters of high school. The Hughes children have recently established the Jim & Mary Lou Hughes Scholarship Endowment within the Franklin County Community Foundation. The fund will provide scholarships for graduating Franklin County High School seniors who plan on furthering their education.

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