Bredwell/Meyer Rileybrook Endowment for the Arts

When people visited Rileybrook Hall, they always came away with memories of a unique dining experience. Nestled in the trees, between a slow running creek and quiet pond, surrounded by beautiful gardens, the distinctive castle like home of Robert Meyer and Thomas Bredwell was a joy to visit. Seated in the large dining area, in the midst of the proprietor’s favorite works of art, patrons were served a delicious 6-course meal ~ chef’s choice.

As was apparent in the beauty surrounding them, life partners Rob and Tom were creative individuals. Tom performed with both the Indianapolis Ballet Company and the New York Ballet Company. He owned a nightclub in Indianapolis before traveling to San Francisco. It was in San Francisco where Rob and Tom first met. Together, they owned a floral shop in San Francisco and then in Cincinnati. After settling in Brookville, Indiana, they had Rileybrook Hall built and started a restaurant. Rob was the chef, and Tom served the meals, entertaining guests while doing so.

After the passing of both Tom and Rob, the Rileybrook Hall estate was left to the Franklin County Community Foundation designated for endowment for the benefit of the arts. The FCCF Board of Directors made the decision to liquidate the estate. With the proceeds, the Bredwell/Meyer Rileybrook Endowment for the Arts has been established. Grants from the endowment are to be used to promote and benefit the arts in Franklin County.

Although Rob and Tom are no longer here in the earthly sense, their spirits will live on forever through the good of the Rileybrook Endowment.

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