4-H Mustangers Horse & Pony Club Endowment

The 4-H Mustangers Horse & Pony Club is comprised of the Mini Mustangers (Grades 1 & 2), the Beginner Mustangers (Grades 3-5), the Intermediate Mustangers (Grade 6-8) and the Advanced Mustangers (Grades 9-12). The club strives to provide a fun and positive learning atmosphere and experience, to encourage team work and responsibility, and develop sportsmanship and camaraderie for all members through proper horsemanship.

Jenny Wilz, a Franklin County 4-H Mustangers Horse and Pony Club leader for 17 years, was able to put a start date on the club’s long history: 1962. That was the year that the 4-H club was started in Franklin County, according to former Mustanger Debbie King, mother and grandmother of former and current Mustangers, Vickie Raible and daughters, Allison and Ashlie Raible. “I was so happy to finally have a date when the Club was started,” Wilz says,” I started asking around and Debbie told me with certainty that 1962 was the year. So in 2015 we were 53 years old and still growing. I wish we hadn’t missed celebrating our 50th year. My husband, Mick and I want to make sure that the Mustanger legacy and all of the programs will always continue for youth here. Because of this, we have established the 4-H Mustangers Horse & Pony Club Endowment within the Franklin County Community Foundation. To watch kids of former Mustangers participate and grow up within the Club is so rewarding. I am also so proud of the connections and friendships I have made over the years as well as the exceptional 4-H Horse & Pony program we offer here. Our leader committee of Regan Abernathy, Diana Getz, Karen Niedenthal and Tammey Robben, all former Mustangers, is an exceptional blend of various experiences, dedication and skill. We are a great team”.

“We offer real hands-on involvement for the members with club meetings, numerous workshops , clinics, an open show, an overnight horsemanship camp culminating with our Fair Show,” Wilz continues. “The experience that all 4-H programs afford youth is immeasurable in terms of leadership, responsibility and lifelong friendships. The 4-H Mustangers Horse & Pony Club Endowment will insure that the program remains active and strong for years to come.”

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